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🤦‍♂️ Please don’t put eggs in your socks.

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We just stole your focus.

Hold up---why is this “great news”?

Because now we both know that you’re distractible. And now we can help you unlock laser focus without pills, planners, or building new habits.

The more you procrastinate,

the worse your life gets.

Chronic distraction leads to things like:

🐌 Low productivity

🌙 Working longer hours than necessary

📉 Poor performance at work

💔 Relationship stress

👻 Missed opportunities

🥱 Poor sleep quality

😢 Not being the person you really want to be helps you get focused, stay focused, and stop procrastinating.

Top: EEG scans showing electrical activity in the brain while using

Bottom: fMRI scans showing increased bloodflow to the brain while using

Okay, so what is it? is a new type of music that’s grounded in science.

Thanks to neuroscience research we know what the brain looks like when it’s deep in focus. We also know that by embedding specific patterns in music that mimic the brain's electrical signals when it’s focused, we can create focus for you on demand.

You can listen on the web or with our apps on Android and iOS can literally 10x your focus

While there are many ways to increase focus, pretty much all of them fall into one of two categories: create new habits or pop pills. doesn’t require you to do either of those.

You just replace the music you normally listen to while working with, and instantly increase your focus and productivity.

Our research has shown that over the course of 10 minutes, participants that used were 10x more focused than those listening to focus music on spotify.

It’s smart to be skeptical

With most people start out as skeptics, but once they feel the difference, they become raving fans like these people below.

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